Lead UI/UX Designer

Telescope AI is on the lookout for a Lead UI/UX Designer to refine and implement creative assets within our platform and enhance collaboration with our external creative partners.

Full time

Telescope AI is on the lookout for a Lead UI/UX Designer to refine and implement creative assets within our platform and enhance collaboration with our external creative partners.

At Telescope AI, we’re deeply invested in the craftsmanship of their work, recognizing that robust organizational practices elevate the end product. These individuals excel at refining and scaling processes that enhance the quality and consistency of our editorial content and user engagement communications.

The ideal candidate will be proactive in fostering relationships with our internal team, constructing frameworks for our creative methodologies, and actively participating in the evolution of our design culture both within the team and across the company. At Telescope AI, we are driven by a purpose: to empower the financial sector through innovative AI solutions that amplify human expertise. Our commitment lies in advancing the safety and utility of AI for our clients and society, ensuring that transformative AI developments are navigated responsibly.

The person filling the Lead Design role will report directly to the VP of Engineering and Founder but will engage collaboratively with colleagues across Communications/Marketing, Research, and Product/Engineering teams.

About Telescope AI

Telescope AI is a pioneering force in the realm of AI-driven solutions for the finance industry. Through our Enterprise platform, we equip publishers, brokers, and fund managers with advanced AI tools for financial analysis and decision-making. Our flagship product, Ripple, utilizes AI to generate tailored stock portfolios based on written prompts, reflecting the nuanced ripple effects of specific events or scenarios. This innovation significantly streamlines the research process, providing personalized insights that resonate with each user’s interests.

At Telescope AI, we harness the power of large language models fine-tuned with client-provided datasets, creating a blend of algorithmic precision and human wisdom. Our suite of products—Ripple, Radar, Fuse, and Confer—empowers investors to navigate the volatile and complex financial landscape with confidence, augmenting human judgment with AI-driven starting points for investment evaluation.


  • Operational Excellence: Mastery of production workflows across various creative mediums such as web, print, video, and events.
  • Strong Organizational Skills: Ability to envision the broader picture, influencing work streams and resource management.
  • Vendor Relationship Management: Knowledge of contractual nuances, budget oversight, and general operations to advance creative projects.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Communication: Facilitate alignment and clarity by translating complex ideas across multiple fields.
  • Creative Empowerment: Shape the brand narrative and strategy, turning it into actionable plans.
  • Focused Team Environment: Streamline communication within the organization to foster deep concentration for the design team.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Experience: 6+ years in integrated production within complex systems.
  • Narrative Skills: Strong writing and storytelling capabilities.
  • Medium Versatility: Proficient in producing content across various mediums, from print to web.
  • Working Style: Independently driven yet collaborative, with a ‘yes, and’ approach to fostering creativity through operations.
  • Quality and Craft: Commitment to excellence balanced with the agility required in a fast-paced environment.

Join Telescope AI in shaping the future of AI in finance, where your expertise in design operations will play a pivotal role in our mission to enhance human decision-making in the ever-evolving world of financial investment.