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Generative Intelligence for

Telescope leverages your data and together with foundation models, safely co-pilots investors with AI.


Enable your users to create intelligent stock portfolios from a single prompt.

Ripple screen recording


Supercharge your users' research with a specialist AI co-pilot for investing.

Confer screen recording


Scan and implement safeguards tailored to your regulatory, ethical and responsible policies.

Guardrails screen recording
  • Amazon Titan
  • OpenAI
  • Google Gemini
  • Anthropic
  • Llama

For Developers Simple and Seamless API Integration

With flexible APIs, you can easily integrate Telescope into your existing workflows, tools, and services, ensuring that our powerful analytics and insights complement your systems without disrupting them.

Best practise, secured API

Our APIs are hosted on a high performance architecture, ensuring fast response times and scalability.

Example of ripple curl request and response streaming with AI generated portfolio.
Build with telescope

Build with Telescope AI

Your partner in building useful, responsible and secure AI for finance.

Bring your own dataset

  • Ingestion of personal financial instrument universe
  • Focus on relevant regions and parameters

Solving multiple pain points

  • Enhanced investment discovery
  • Human-inspired insights
  • Unique content generation
  • Tailored for finance and capital market challenges

Model agnostic

  • Model benchmarking for performance
  • Comparison of speed, accuracy, cost efficiency
  • Optimization with top LLM providers (OpenAI, Google, Anthropic)

Compliance working together

  • Support for localized regulatory requirements
  • Anticipation of future regulatory changes
  • Compliance and ethical risk management in systems and products

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Benefits motif

Reduce Investor Paralysis,
Enhance Discovery

Cut through the noise and find relevant stocks swiftly.

  • Improve Engagement

    Create engaging moments, personalized experience.

  • Deeper than ETFs

    Dive into new themes with more conviction than conventional ETFs.

  • Understand your customer

    Gather realtime insights on what matters to your customer.

  • Reduce Churn

    Well constructed AI experiences are becoming the norm, respond to the expectation.