Telescope Ripple now supports cryptocurrency portfolio construction

By Sophie Moore on

Telescope, the generative AI platform for finance has expanded its Ripple product to support cryptocurrencies alongside traditional equities, allowing brokerage apps to offer AI-generated thematic investment baskets across both asset classes.

The move comes as Telescope’s clients, including consumer investment apps and crypto exchanges, seek to better serve the growing interest in digital assets. By extending Ripple’s capabilities, Telescope empowers its partners to improve the investment discovery process for their users.

Under the hood, Ripple leverages large language models fine-tuned on a client’s specific universe of investable assets. When a user enters a prompt describing a future scenario or investment theme, such as “DeFi goes mainstream”, “Solana gets hacked” or “metaverse coins”, Ripple generates a curated basket of instruments positioned to benefit from that thesis.

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Ripple has been specifically adjusted to handle the unique characteristics of the crypto ecosystem. It understands the structural differences between Layer 1 and Layer 2 coins, and can intelligently construct baskets that capture the nuances of each project’s role in the broader crypto narrative.

While leading websites like CoinMarketCap offer helpful cryptocurrency categorization, allowing investors to easily locate coins in sectors matching their interests, Ripple takes this a step further. It empowers users to conduct deep, exploratory searches on any investable idea that matters to them, and construct bespoke portfolios through natural language.

Telescope’s founder, Luc Pettett, emphasized the potential for AI to simplify the complex world of crypto investing:

“Cryptocurrency markets are fast-moving and often opaque, with new projects and terminology constantly emerging. For many retail investors, this creates a steep learning curve that hinders participation, to some degree more than the stock market does. By extending Ripple to the crypto space, we’re allowing users to reduce the discovery burden and find relatable investments that fit their interests.”

Ripple’s ability to generate investment baskets for unique and niche ideas stems from its use of many billion-parameter language models. These models, trained on vast amounts of data, can understand the specific terminology and concepts used by crypto investors.

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Importantly, Ripple’s crypto functionality maintains the platform’s high standards for compliance and security. Telescope’s Guardrails product, which screens outputs for moderation and ethical risks, has been updated to navigate the unique considerations surrounding digital assets.

Looking ahead, Telescope plans to further expand Ripple’s multi-asset capabilities, potentially encompassing other narrative and qualitative challenges within investing such as cause and effect analysis and diving deeper into unique challenges such as macroeconomics, passive investing, commodities, and more.

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