Our Mission -Inspire the future of investing

Telescope provides brokers and publishers with AI powered tools to simplify investment discovery.

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Our Vision -Our vision for your users

At Telescope, we recognize our unique opportunity to revolutionize investment discovery and execution by harnessing the power of trillion-parameter AI and large language models (LLMs). Our cutting-edge technology responsibly transforms the investment process, streamlining the journey from idea to action and empowering users with accessible, data-driven insights.

We believe in combining human expertise with artificial intelligence to create a safe, trustworthy, and seamless investing ecosystem. Telescope's mission is to break down barriers, democratize access to investment opportunities, and shape a future where informed decision-making is effortless. Through our pioneering technology and commitment to responsible innovation, we aim to better the process of investment discovery and inspire confidence in a new era of finance.

  • AI First

    Sure, we're an AI company but internally, every part of what we do is AI first. Our team heavily relies on internal agents and shared prompts to improve and guide our work.

  • Deep Focus

    Our roadmap responds to our clients' needs with relentless focus. We value long-term thinking and follow-through, with the mantra 'build it once, build it well'.

  • Secure Foundations

    Our models and integrations are built on a secure foundation of integrity, privacy and robust infrastructure. Our commitment to security fosters trust and confidence among our clients.

OUR FOUNDATION -It started as an experiment

Telescope began as an experimental portfolio tracking tool, designed to connect investors with shared views on the future.

After several months of engineering, we developed an AI engine and tested it with a timely scenario: "a run on the banks." Our AI meta-model generated a balanced investment portfolio, suggesting positions in US Treasury Bonds, Tier 1 banks, Gold, Crypto, and other assets to navigate this hypothetical event.

"It was in this moment we realised, this platform can be used for any scenario. Any event. Fact or fiction.", Luc Pettett, Founder.

This experiment showed us the potential of our platform to explore a wide range of investment scenarios, both real and hypothetical. Telescope leverages AI to delve deeper into investment themes and uncover second and third-order consequences.

Following the launch of our sister consumer website, Potato, we received numerous requests to address a key challenge in the brokerage industry: using AI to enhance the investment discovery process.

Changing landscape