Our Mission -Inspire the future of investing

AI allows users to unpack complex ideas that they already support, factually or emotionally. Telescope reduces the friction from ideation to execution.

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Our Vision -Our vision for the future of investing

Our mission is to inspire the future of investing and we're using AI to reduce the friction from idea to execution.

It's our opportunity to better the process in which people discover investments and we're committed to employing pioneering technology to achieve that.

  • AI First

    Our policies, processes and every part of our workflow is AI first. We build models and prompt flows around everything we can to improve and guide our work.

  • Deep Focus

    Our roadmap responds to our clients' needs with relentless focus. Our culture values long-term thinking and follow-through with the mantra 'build it once, build it well'.

  • Limited Scale

    Like the top investors of all time, we're interested in quality. We're committed to the right partners, not a volume of partners.

OUR FOUNDATION -It started as an experiment

Telescope began as a portfolio tracking tool, an experimental platform to allow you to meet other investors that have an opinion on the future.

After a pivot or two and months of engineering, we built an AI engine and gave it one timely scenario: "a run on the banks". Before our eyes, our AI meta-model was suggesting positions in US Treasury Bonds, Tier 1 banks, Gold, Crypto... a very sensible (and profitable) investment portfolio on an unexpected event that was untested.

"It was in this moment we realised, this platform can be used for any scenario. Any event. Fact or fiction."

What we had built with Telescope takes those human ideas and leans on AI to really dig deeper into a theme to provide us with second and third order consequences.

After launching our sister consumer website Potato, we were inundated with requests to help solve a really challenging problem for brokerage - how do you use AI to improve the investment discovery process.

Changing landscape