Create intelligent stock baskets for your users from a single theme or future event.

Product Overview Empower investment discovery with AI

Ripple is an API that crafts engaging stock portfolios based on textual prompts, fostering discovery, education and engagement.

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Why brokers & publishers integrate Telescope Ripple™️

Your ally in delivering responsible, secure, and valuable AI for finance.

PROMPT TO INVESTMENT Reduce Investor Paralysis, Enhance Discovery

Create compelling user experiences, allowing your investors to cut through noise and invest in what matters to them.

Improve Engagement

Enable investors to quickly find investment themes or stocks related to their interests, using natural language prompts to uncover hidden gems.

Deeper than ETFs

Provide investors with an alternative to seeking traditional ETFs which are limited by their liquidity and diverse nature.

Reduce Churn

Boost user engagement and retention by delivering fresh, AI-driven investment opportunities that encourage regular app interaction and exploration.

Everything you need Safety at its core

Ripple operates within the confines of your compliance and ethical frameworks.

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Ethical content screening

Our system screens prompts for sensitive content (hate speech, racial issues, misinformation, political biases, illegal activities, violence, etc.).

General & personalized advice assessment

Safeguard against inadvertent financial advice with our sophisticated advice-filtering system, adept at managing diverse user inputs.

Tailored to your jurisdiction

Collaborate with us to meet the specific regulatory requirements of your area. Learn more about our Guardrails.

HOW IT WORKS Intelligent & Simple

Step by step our AI model enacts a chain-of-thought approach to investing, conducing a “deep search” on financial instruments.

Beyond most humans

Ripple conducts second and third order thinking, considering multiple scenarios, trends, consumer behaviors, systemic risks, and adjacent opportunities, working on probabilities, not opinions.

See into the blackbox

Gain investor confidence by having the AI provide “reasons” providing a rationale behind it’s suggestions.

Any topic, any scenario

Empower investors to see beyond the obvious and discover completely new investment ideas.